Xiang Liu

Ph.D. student of Computer Science

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen 2018-Present

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Rank: 2/556 GPA: 93.618/100 (or 3.94/4)

Major´╝ÜTelecommunication Engineering

School of Information and Communicaion Engineering

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 2014-2018

Email: xiang.liu1995[at] gmail.com
Github: Lebron Lambert

Research Experience

Research Intern
Intern at Toutiao AI-Lab,Beijing, China, NOv 2017 – Current

Research Intern
Sailing Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, July 2017 – Sept 2017

Research Intern
Key Lab of Pattern Recognition of Intelligent System, School of Information and Telecommunication Engineer Science, BUPT, Beijing, May 2016 – May 2017


Liu, X., Wang, H., Tao, Y., Ye, W., Jin, Q., Cohen, W., Xing, EP. Automatic Human-like Mining and Constructing Reliable Genetic Association Database with Deep Reinforcement Learning. PSB (Pacific Symposium on Bicomputing) 2019 accepted

Liu, X., Wang, H., Ye, W., & Xing, EP. Sparse Variable Selection in High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data with Tree Structured Responses. Bioinformatics (impact factor 7.307) submitted

Wang, H., Liu, X. Xiao, Y. Xu, M., &Xing, EP. Multiplex Confounding Factor Correction for Genomic Association Mapping with Squared Sparse Linear Mixed Model. IEEE BIBM 2017 Accepted, Student Award, Accept Rate:19%. Methods Accepted (impact factor 3.782)

Ye, W. Liu, X. Wang, H. & Xing, EP. A Sparse Graph-structured Lasso Mixed Model for Genetic Association with Confounding Correction. RECOMB 2018 submitted

Wang, H. Liu, X. Ye, W.´╝î Everlasting Iatric Researcher (Eir): Identifying the Article and Reading for Genetic Association Knowledge. 5th Annual LTI Student Research Symposium poster

Chi, G., Wang, Y., Liu, X. Qiu, Y. Latency-Optimal Task Offloading for Mobile- Edge-Computing System in 5G Heterogeneous Network. IEEE VTC 2018 Accpeted.

Li, G., Xu, S., Liu, X. Li, L., Wang, C. Jersey Number Recognition with Semi-Supervised Spatial Transformer Network. CVPR 2018 Workshop Accpeted.


Interactive Blind Helper Methods and Equipment

Honors & Awards

Special Scholarship (Top 3 From 3000 Students), 2017
Top 6 in China competition of Imagine Cup 2017, 2017
Corporate scholarship Awarded by QUALCOMM (Top 1%), 2016
Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling Meritorious Winner, 2016
National Scholarship (Top 1%), 2015
Chinese Mathematics Competitions in Provinces Second Prize, 2015